Curry Custom FLX Flugelhorn mouthpiece
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Auteur:  Trumpetfun [ 02 jun 2024 18:41 ]
Berichttitel:  Curry Custom FLX Flugelhorn mouthpiece

I am selling a completely unused and new Curry FlX flugelhorn mouthpiece. It has the rim of an old Maynard Ferguson FBL mouthpiece. Extremely comfortable rim, really deep cup and wonderfully easy to play in all registers. Super dark, warm flugelhorn sound! :) It has the Curry "Universal" shaft and therefore fits all common flugelhorn leadpipes. A really cool invention from Mark Curry.

I only tested the mouthpiece once after receiving it, but due to my challenging family situation I no longer get to play it and I think it's a shame if such a fabulous special mouthpiece is just lying around in the mouthpiece bag. By the way, this bag is included for free. ;) It's by Bob Reeves and made of leather. There is space for three mouthpieces.

The new price, including customs costs and import sales tax was EUR 200,-. I would sell it for about EUR 100,-.

Auteur:  Trumpetfun [ 03 jun 2024 13:31 ]
Berichttitel:  Re: Curry Custom FLX Flugelhorn mouthpiece

New Price: EUR 90,-

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