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Auteur:  Trompeter_1983 [ 05 jun 2018 11:42 ]


With a very sad heart I am selling my Spiri daCarbo trumpet. Need money for the house....

The trumpet is less than 2 years old. Was originaly bought at the Vogt shop in Germany and later I have bought direct from Spiri the daCarbo bell (1500€), heavy slide (around 250€) and additional trim kit (120€). So, with the trumpet comes 2 bells, 2 slides, 2 trim kits. YOU HAVE MANY TRUMPETS IN ONE.

-ML bore
-W55 silver yellow brass bell, 9+2 leadpipe
-daCarbo bell
-SUPERB valves and SUPERB(!) intonation
-No dings or dents

PRICE: 3000€ (all included + shipping)

I accept trades + money too.

The trumpet plays FABULOUS!!!!!! I just need money for the house....

Auteur:  delano [ 10 jun 2018 19:00 ]
Berichttitel:  Re: SPIRI DACARBO!! SUPERB HORN!!

Oh so sad

Auteur:  Remy [ 11 jun 2018 08:39 ]
Berichttitel:  Re: SPIRI DACARBO!! SUPERB HORN!!

Deze trompet staat al rond een jaar te koop.
Ik denk dat hij nog wat meer HOOFDLETTERS moet gebruiken.

Auteur:  Trompeter_1983 [ 11 jun 2018 15:25 ]
Berichttitel:  Re: SPIRI DACARBO!! SUPERB HORN!!

Sorry, it`s not. This is a third daCarbo trumpet I am selling. This one is silverplated. The previous two were goldlack and goldplated. Just to be clear.

About the horn I can say only good things. Superb instrument!! Spiri quality is second to none.

Auteur:  delano [ 12 jun 2018 07:45 ]
Berichttitel:  Re: SPIRI DACARBO!! SUPERB HORN!!

Three times more sad, you suffering victim.

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